Image of AE19 Ready, Set, Bleed! - Andy D

AE19 Ready, Set, Bleed! - Andy D


Ready, Set, Bleed!
Andy D

For those who have fallen in love with the energy and spectacle of his live show, RSB! contains the energy fans have come to expect from Andy D. This album leaves the more conceptual narrative framework of WarCries behind in favor of a more free-form collection of inspirations drawing from history, politics and, as usual sex and dancing. This album is both a nod to early Andy D and a step forward, with some of his best rhyme flow to date. It is an Andy D album through and through replete with wizards dancing from Thailand to Indiana, barbarians acting like libertarians and the other way around, female friends furiously partying, ribald nerd mating rituals, devils transmuting into angels, and we go galloping through all these tales astride a lavender Pegasus with Teddy Roosevelt - the greatest president this country has ever had and may ever have, we don’t know for sure.