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Aerobic International Digital Releases


Astra Via

Track Listing:
1. Good on You
2. And It Tried To Rain
3. Action Junkie


AE18 Hey Anxiety
Mount Whateverest
[Digital 45]

Track Listing:
A: Hey Fever!
B: Anxiety


Planet Booty

Using their signature electronic tracks for intense club beats and effects ,mixed with the huge raw sound of live musicians playing actual drums, percussion, guitars, horns, Planet Booty has gathered a strong cult following eager for a follow up to the runaway hit, Das Booty.

The sexy sextet’s sophomore full-length release, FUTURESWEAT, takes the bands unique focus on hard work, exercise, and intense dancing to new heights

Track Listing:
Das Booty
I’m Comin'
Freak Inside
Smack It
Future Sweat
Here We Go
Do You Wanna
Take Off Your Pants


AE11 Echo Birds EP
Astra Via

Astra Via’s sound is not “here,” and not “there,” exactly, but maybe here, there, and everywhere. A bipolar marriage of past and future, where science geek and hopeless romantic meet.